Review from World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery 2016

Lucky were the ENT and plastic surgeons who could attend the


8th World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery in Rio de Janeiro,

Brazil this May. Four years after a great congress in Rome, a highly successfull event was hosted at the Sheraton by the Leblon beach in Rio de Janeiro in a friendly and relaxed ambiance.


The organizing committee was led by Professor José Antonio Patrocínio, president of the event,

Professor Pietro Palma, president of the IFFPSS and Professor João Jairney Maniglia, honorary president.

In the scientific committee, took part Dr.Alain Tenenbaum from Switzerland

The participants represented the whole world. Besides of Brazil, important delegations came from the Switzerland ,United States, China,Colombia,Hungary,Taiwan, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Argentina,Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, South Korea and many other countries.

The presentations ran in 5 meeting rooms with perfect technical service, while the media room hosted many fruitfull professional discussions. The selection was hard due to the richness of the program.

On the first day 3 workshops were organised, about toxins, fillers and the outstanding

endopeel, representing a chemical myoplasty,giving interests with an immediate scarless face and neck lift : a unique alternative to surgery , this revolutionary technique was presented by the inventors, Dr.Alain Tenenbaum and the molecular biologist Mauro Tiziani both from Switzerland, later followed by several convincing lectures about its aspects in different utilities, with live demonstrations.

The next 3 days presentations were categorised into sessions about rhinoplasty, surgery of the aging face, treatment of the aging face without surgery, reconstructions and miscellaneous. All the presentations were highly instructive and special video sessions and instructional courses crowned the visuality.

The very international presence at the meeting and the competence of the speakers allowed a trip around the world in different aspects like that of the rhinoplasty of the Asian, African and other types of nose. A nice session was dedicated to the Lebanese nose, with the participation of Doctor Ibrahim El Achkar an eminent expert of the usage of stem cells in anti-aging and his colleagues. Professor Yu-Hsun Chiu from Taiwan spoke about the state of the art in Asian augmentation rhinoplasty in the point of view of injectable and surgical solutions. Starting from an art historical point of view, the elegance of the presentation and the huge experience in rhinoplasty of Professor Alireza Mesbahi was outstanding. It was quite important that the avoidance of the complications, the relationship of the applied anatomy and the interventions was were systematically underlined, like by Dr Du Junfeng from Wuhan,China emphasing the possibility of neurovascular complications of lipofilling,
This was a key issue during the panel about the neck directed by Professor Germán Rojas, president of the Colombian association where the author of this review introduced the results of an ex-vivo study achieved in Budapest, Hungary with a team of bioengineers about 55 human hemifaces analysing the morphology and the applied anatomy and biomechanics of the facial nerve. A very nice and fruitfull discussion developed with Doctor Leandro Pellarin, who presented about neck reshaping with SMAS traction and lipectomy how to diminish the number of facial palsies related to surgery. We must mention that the presence of the Colombian school and their presentations were excellents, being about facial yoga by Doctor Claudia Garcia, forehead lifts by Professor Germán Rojas or others. A pearl was the instructional course of Professor Pietro Palma about the complexity of the inner nose and its applications during rhinoseptoplasty, just like the life-experience lecture of Professor Gilbert Nolst-Trenité. The presentations from Brazil represented the expected „pillars” of the field,with plenty of innovativity like that of Professor José Antonio Patrocínio about transpalpebral upper face rejuvenation. The reviewer did like the presentations of Professor Hector Céspedes from Paraguay about nasal tip surgery, Professor Ignazio Tasca from the Imola school about the deviated nose. The instructional course about mastering endonasal rhinoplasty by Professor Chih-Wen Twu, chair of the congress and the other presentations by the Taiwanese colleagues represent the guarantee of a successfull meeting in Taiwan in 2020.